The Bible Fun Shop, South Gujarat

Bible reading can be done through creative ways. The Bible Fun shops are designed to introduce Kids to digital bible resources and also help kids creatively engage with the stories in the Bible using digital tools.

We set out to the Bible Funshop arranged at Jagiri village in South Gujarat. It took us almost 6 long hours to get to Jagiri, Valsad District, Gujarat. The drive took us through Baroda, Surat and many other places. Enter the Dangs area and the contrast is striking.

We arrived at an English Medium School. Yes, an English Medium School in the middle of nowhere.  The English medium school is the result of one man’s commitment to serve the people in the area: to give them a future and a hope lest they be left out or lost to impoverishment. Interestingly, he belongs to this area. The school is built with a vision to help educationally disadvantaged children in the area. About 235 students study here.

The Gujarat Auxiliary had planned a Bible Funshop at the HIM English School. The Bible Funshop is aimed at helping Digital Natives creatively engage with the Bible.  I had the privilege of interacting with Class VIII students. We had around thirty boys and girls at the Funshop.

We started with a few Bible songs. Then, the kids watched a video of God speaking to the boy Samuel who was growing up with Eli at the Tabernacle. After the video show, I asked the boys to imaginatively write a letter to Hannah about how Samuel felt growing up in the temple all by himself without a family ( in Samuel’s own words). I also asked the girls to imaginatively write a letter to Samuel about how Hannah felt leaving Samuel at the Tabernacle under Eli’s care ( in Hannah’s own words). This reading of the Bible using the tools of imaginative draws its inspiration from Dr. Gerald West’s  Contextual bible studies It was great fun to see the kids use their imagination and write the letter. That it was a residential school added to the understanding of their context as well!

I surprised the kids by asking them to read their letters and make a little Vlog! I also did a quick tutorial about framing, lighting and video capture to help them with the basics of video making. We had very limited time was limited and there wasn’t much we could do. My aim was to trigger their imagination and help them creatively express themselves. The kids throughly enjoyed the activity. Once, everyone had finished with the VLog, we all enjoyed watching the vLogs played on the big screen!

It was a long journey into the Dangs. But, I am grateful to the team from the Gujarat Auxiliary for planning the Bible Funshop at the HEM English School in the Dangs.


Chennai Bible Fair 2017

img_3061The Bible Society is hosting their Annual Bible Exhibition in Chennai. The Fair will be conducted in Bishop Manikam Hall ( #4` Harley’s Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 10) between 3 – 6th February, 2017.

The Bible fair in Chennai is generally considered to be the biggest Bible fairs in India. Over 400 varieties of Bibles in all versions  will be displayed and they will be available for sale.

If you are looking to buy or gift a Bible, the BSI Bible exhibition is where you must be heading to.

Share the word to your friends in Church or in your Bible study group.

For More details contact:

Rev. Moses/ P. Devadason

Bible House, 1/65 Evening Bazaar Road

Park Town, Chennai 600 003

Mobile No: 09444149449

Email ID:

125 years of the Khasi Full Bible

The Bible has transformed individuals and communities across this Nation. The Bible has played a unique role (directly and/or indirectly) in the development of Khasi language and cultural identity.

It’s been 125 years since the entire Khasi Bible was printed as one volume. And, it is definitely an occasion to celebrate.

The 125 years of the Khasi Bible was organized by the Bible Society of India, Shillong Auxiliary and celebrated at the Phudmawri Presbyterian Church on 3rd & 4th December 2016.

The celebrations were attended by over 150 members from the BSI branches. The special service was also attended by over 120 invitees. Rev.Dr. M. Mani Chacko, BSI General Secretary was the Chief Guest. He released the Khasi Bible CL and also an Animation DVD featuring 9 stories drawn the Old Testament. Rev. G. R. Sancley, the senior most pastor of the Khasi Presbyterian Church unveiled the Memorial Tablet.

The public Worship service conduced on Sunday was a massive gathering of around 10000 people. The congregation thanked God for the gift of the Khasi Bible and the many blessings it has brought to the land, people and life.

Young India Focus 

India is the youngest Nation in the world. It is said that more than 70 % of India is less than 35 years of age. BSI is actively involved in reaching out to young people. The BSI Allahabad Auxiliary conducted a one-off program for young people. The program was a blessing to many young people and we hope to nurture them to read and love God’s Word.

Christmas Celebration with vulnerable Children

Bible Society of India, NWIA is celebrating Christmas this year with the vulnerable children on the 14th Dec 16 from 10 am to 12 pm. at Yousuf Sadan, a Catholic Center at Gole Dakkhana, New Delhi. Children with disability, Children infected with HIV & AIDS, Children who are victims of human trafficking and Children from economically weaker sections of society have been invited to celebrate through songs, dance and skits based on Christmas.
We are thankful to God for the support we have from churches and individuals for this venture. The Orthodox Bishop, His Grace Youhanon Mar Demetrios has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for the program and Fr. Chetan Machado, a Catholic Priest YCF/YCM National Chaplain will be the guest speaker.
We expect around 50 clergy and representations from their congregation to join with the NWIA staff for these celebrations. We humbly seek your prayers and blessings as we share the love of God and the message of Christmas to these children this year.

BSI Garden Fete, New Delhi

The Bible Society of India (BSI) serves the Indian Church by translating the Bible in many Indian languages and distributing the Bibles across India. It’s a huge task and we are in need of friends who love the Bible and are deeply committed to the Bible cause. The BSI North West India Auxiliary conducts Garden Fete as a means to bring together friends who love the Bible. The Garden Fete has been happening year after year for the last 58 years and is one among the many important Christian gatherings in Delhi, which is the National Capital of India. This BSI event is also an occasion to support the ongoing Bible translations and Bible distribution.

This year, the BSI North West India Auxiliary conducted a Garden Fete on 13 Nov, 2016 in Delhi. It was a special celebration and a true expression of Christian ecumenism as the faithful from all Christian denominations came together to support the ministry of the BSI. This popularity of the Fete is a testimony to the reach and impact of the ministry of BSI. It also demonstrates the rootedness and the fruitfulness of our ministry of Scripture distribution. We congratulate Rev. Shirley and her team for their labour of love in organizing the Garden Fete which has strengthened the fellowship and commitment to the Bible cause.