Taking the Bible to Charid village


46189986_542728056199860_91293408231948288_oThe BSI Ranchi Auxiliary had the privilege of taking Bibles to Charid Village. The New GEL Church availed this opportunity and got the Pulpit Bible for their congregation. So happy that the Bible will be read in Church and the congregation will listen to God’s Word read in Charid Village.

We pray that the Church would listen to God speak, that God’s Word will be planted deep in their hearts and the Church will experience transformation that the Word brings!


Bible Funshop, Ranchi


We had a great time reading the Bible together in a new and creative way using arts and media at the Bible Funshop at Bible House Ranchi. We had about 130 people.Surprisingly, even adults wanted to be a part of the Funshop.

Happy to be at the service of the Bible cause and encouraging children and young people (and the elderly) people to read and engage with the Bible!We hope that children will

  • Read the Bible
  • Listen to the Bible
  • Learn from the Bible
  • Live out the Bible
  • And share it’s Light to people!

Building Digital Communities: Ranchi Auxiliary


The BSI Ranchi Auxiliary organised a Media Seminar on the there: Building Digital Communities.

We had over 100 people attend the annual seminar at the Bible House. The numbers were a BIG surprise. This time the focus was to build awareness on the digital initiatives undertaken by the BSI.

Sam Thambusamy, Director Media and Special Audience presented the opportunities and challenges of the digital for Bible society of India.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. It was amazing to see people’s willingness to embrace the digital.

The future, sure is BRIGHT!